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                         AS OF JULY 17. 2014 THIS BLOG IS NO LONGER ACTIVE

Welcome to my little blog in a big world! My name is Sophie and I am a student from Canada. I have a love for all things girly and classy. I don't plan on showing my face or revealing my specific age, this may change in the future but for now I won't. I used to the fully anonymous blogger but I felt I couldn't make a name for myself  if no one knew anything about me.

I used to have a blog called beautyandbey-ond.blogspot.com but I messed up my schedule(posted for a month and then stopped for a year) and I wasn't really proud of the blog so I ditched it and made a new one! My blog used to be called warriorofbeauty.blogspot.com but then I changed it to head2toevogue.blogspot.com shortly after. Then after about 5 or so months I changed it to what it is now!

I started a blog because I wanted to share all my beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips with people other than my friends and family. I then realized that I could make a blog to share my thoughts with the world, I looked for the best blogging platform tumblr, wordpress etc.. and I figured blogger would be the easiest to use. Then I saw BeautyBrodcasts "How To Start A Blog" post and I knew it was a sign, so I created an account and started blogging officially. My blog started on July 7, 2013.

Lifes Little Things is a place to share everything about my life! If I like a new lipstick, I'll share it! A new recipe, I'll write about it. I am not going to restrict myself to only beauty or fashion, I want to be able to do anything my heart desires.

I hope one day to be able to blog full time but I know that's very difficult. And of course I want to build a core group of supportive readers. My goal for this blog is empower people and make them feel and look the best they can!

Stay awhile, take a look around and feel the best you can feel!


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