As of February 6th I am an affiliate with SkimLinks.

All opinions are 100% honest and I will NEVER lie about a product, if I like it I will tell you, if I hate it I will tell you. No acceptions!

For all company's: just send me an email with your company name as the subject. Just give me the product name you want me to advertise. I will send you an email within 3 days on if I will accept it or not and them we will go from there.

All sponsored posts will be marked with a * in the title and again stated at the beginning of every post. Sponsored posts will only be made with products that are related to my blog topics. 

Just a quick talk on guest posts: 
I do accept people doing guest posts on my blog. If I need a guest poster I will ask on twitter or in a blog post. But if you really want to guest post on my blog just send me a quick email(name, email, dates available to post) and I will add your name to the list so you have a guaranteed spot on my blog. I will send you an email when you are needed.

Future guest posters list:

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