Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Style Steal- Selena Gomez

Hello Warriors
Selena Gomez Fall Style Steal

Selena Gomez Fall Style Steal by beautywarrior1 featuring a zip vest

This weekend is the weekend that officially kicks off the start of fall! In honor of that I found an outfit that incorporates all the fall trends in one! At the very beginning of fall its not super hot but it's not super cold, and I think this outfit is perfect to go along with crisp fall air.

The Military Vest is perfect because it gives you layers for warmth but you arent boiling because it doesn't cover your arms. The olive green and military trend are really in this fall so this is perfect. The black cropped cami is just simple, and goes great with the vest. Since the vest in green you don't want to add too much color and risk a color clash.

The black zipper pants are great, the zipper adds even more edge to the black pant. I love black jeans in the fall and winter but they can be so basic or boring, the zipper spices up a plain black pant. Booties are also really in this fall, the little cut outs in the sides let your feet breath a little. You don't want to wear a super warm boot in early fall as you will be super hot. I love the black buckle boots with cutouts, they are so new and different.

In this photo she is rocking a 4,000 dollar Chanel bag, I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of cash to spend on bag. Sooo, I looked a little and found some similar ones that are a lot
cheaper. I love the black quilted because it is simple and goes with everything but it has little flare with quilt pattern.

To see where all the items are from you can check out my polyvore account:

What do you think of this outfit Selena put together?

The Warrior


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