Thursday, September 12, 2013

Share the Love! - freshbeautyxox or Shona

Hello Everyone!
Today I bring you a share the love post! I haven't done one of these in a while because I just didn't have anybody that I loved their blog or YouTube channel. But recently I did a little looking in the top blogs and up and coming blogs section of bloglovin' and I came across Shona. I clicked on her blog and entered a world of fabulous posts. I read through a bunch of her posts and found that she writes her blogs well and almost as if she's talking through the writing. I immediately followed her and also followed her on twitter. 

It hasn't been that long since I found her but I already know she is one of my favorite blogs. 


Above is some of her recent posts. From what I have read she used to post everyday but recently changed to every other day. So she does have a pretty good blogging schedule and her posts are always good quality too. Her pictures are quite good quality too. 

I really hope you all check her blog out and give her a follow and make sure you tell her I sent you. 

Shonas Links:

My Links:

Lots of Love, xoxo

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