Saturday, August 03, 2013

Share The Love! Youtuber Edition- Blogilates!

Hello Warriors

For my share the love today I am going to talk about a fitness youtuber! Her name is Cassey and she has loads of fitness routines on her youtube channel. They are very easy ones and very difficult ones.

She has videos up for about anything you want from abs to butt to legs to back. Her personality is very bubbly and energetic which makes it fun to watch her videos. She keeps you motivated and tells you to keep going and you can do it. She also does have a blog: but I have not really read it so it's a favorite.

If you want to start exercising but you can't find an exercise you want to do, check out her channel and you'll definitely find one. I know this is short but that's all there is to say. Hopefully you check her out.

Quote of the Post: "Just Keep Swimming" - Nemo and Tailiajoy18

The Warrior <3

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