Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends! I am so excited for Monday! .... says no one ever. Just think in 5 days it will be Friday again! Anyway, today is the final chapter of the beauty blogger series! Today's topic was supposed to be your top 5 products of 2013 but I already did a post very similar not to long ago so I didn't want to be repeative. I decided to change it a bit and do my Holy Grail and Holy Fail of 2013. I hope Bethan doesn't mind.

sorry the pictures are slightly blurry, when exported from PixlrExpress, they lost the quality. 
                           Need to find a new editor, let me know if you have any  

This is my Holy Grail of 2013! Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded! I wore this almost every single day! The reason I have quite a bit left is because I only need a tiny bit of it and I didn't wear it throughout the summer and on weekends, but trust me it's been loved. I feel like I should throw it out but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did have a swatch picture but I accidentally deleted it! If you can't tell it's a champagne color or a shimmery beige. It does crease if used alone but a primer will fix that mess up! It really does last a long time, a swatch on my hand lasted all day and even into the next with constant washings! This really is a holy grail! 




This is my Holy Fail of 2013! It's the Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in #18 Romantic Cool. When you look at the palette, it looks gorgeous right? Nice, neutral colors. This palette would be great, if the colors actually showed up! If you look at the swatched your probably thinking: "those look like they have nice pigmentation." Well in swatches they do but as soon as you put it on your eye... Poof!.... Gone! The shadows are almost none existent. Number 3 shows up the most and Number 4 shows up the least. I tried to make a look with them but it didn't even show up, it looked like I had nothing on my eyes. This has to be the biggest fail I've tried all year! Really don't waste your money on this, you'll be left with nothing but disappointment, lost money and a shotty eyeshadow look. 

I hope you found this somewhat helpful and enjoyed reading it. I know my pictures aren't the best but I'm still trying to find a new picture editing app! There's is one week left till Blogmas starts so be prepared for loads of new posts! Thanks my loves! 

         What is your Holy Fail and Holy Grail of 2013? Any ideas for Blogmas posts?

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