Friday, November 01, 2013

Beauty Wishlist! November!

    Hello there my beautiful people! How was your Halloween? Where has this month gone! It actually felt so fast but I am not complaining because that means I can now start getting excited for Christmas without people thinking I'm crazy! I have my countdown app and everything! A little hint to you all, I am starting my Christmas posts November 15th so be on the lookout!

Anyway a little off topic, haha. Today I bring you my October recap and my November lust worthy products!

My first product was the tarte clean slate primer which I decided half way through the month I do not want, but no worries because I FORGOT to make a goal for the korres lip butters! So I switched the goal to the korres lip butters and totally scratched the whole primer thing. 

So technically my only product is the lip butters. My goal was to build my blogger audience and I would say I passed! At the beginning of the month I had about 3 bloglovin followers and 0 GFC now I have 17 bloglovin followers and 2 GFC. Hello all you new beautiful faces! To get this big of an incline all I did was participate in the #bblogger chats! See you should really go! This may not seem like a lot to some people but I am genuinely so happy. I could never have imagined even having 3 but now I have 17! Thanks so much you guys! I will be buying these super soon!

Now onto my November wishes....

My lusts are all Christmas/holiday realated. I am so excited to see if I can pass my goals to get these wishes!
My first product is the Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens/Sheets. This is slightly lame but cool thing. They are only $6 CAD and $5 USD so they are very cheap and not much work is needed to buy these but I thought they were cool because they are PEPPERMINT! The scent of Christmas. These will be interesting to try. 

Seeing as they are only $6 my goal will be simply to use up my blotting sheets I have now! I don't want to have two opened packs in my possession. 

The next product is the Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar. This is very expensive at $79 CAD and $68 USD. I had a hard time finding another product I wanted so I settled on this. I am not 100% that I want to spend $80 on a beauty advent calendar so I may not even end up getting this. I am still going to work on my goal but at the end if I don't want it I may find another product or just leave it. I know it happens a lot that I end up not wanting a product at the end but I change my mind a lot.

My goal for this is to improve and work on my blog. To make it something I love and that works for my readers. I chose this because I feel my blog could be better. I want to find some cool new post ideas and a cool design and find better writing styles that suit me more and all that jazz. 

Before I forget I want to quickly mention that starting November 3(this Sunday) I will be participating in the Beauty Blogger Series run my Bethan or MissBeautyObsession and Shona or freshbeautyxox. They invited me to join and I said yes. Basically every Sunday they tweet a product type for the week and anytime throughout the week you write about it, your favorite thing etc...If you are interested in joining just shoot Bethan an email at Check her blog for more details.

Thanks for reading my lovelies! 

      What products are you lusting after? What are some of your goals? Will you be joining the                        Beauty blogger Series?


  1. ahh I want the Benefit calendar! The British luxury department store Selfridges did one for £80 or so that had some gorgeous luxury items in it but they've sold out!!! I'm so distraught haha. Where can I follow you on GFC?! | UK Beauty Blog
    (in case you might like to follow me too? :)


    1. Yeah! They sell out so quickly! I don't really know how the GFC thing works. You can follow me on bloglovin :) just search my blog in the search bar on thanks love xx