Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Hot... What Not- Oily Skin vs Dewy Skin

Hello my beautiful people! How has the start of the week been? Hope it's been amazing and if not I hope your week gets better. Mines been great!

So I'm sure everyone is familiar with the term shiny skin? Right? I'm sure the first thing the pops into your mind is "ewwww, oil, horrible, need matte face NOW". But don't be so sure that a matte face is always better. What!?! You say, you want me to leave oil on my face? NO! To much oil from your face will cause blackheads and breakouts! I mean trying out dewy skin. Here's my What's Hot and... What's Not... For oily skin vs dewy skin!

What's Hot: Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is gorgeous. If you've heard the saying a 'healthy glow', that's what dewy skin is. Dewy skin makes your skin look slightly wet but only on the high points on your face. To get dewy skin you matte your face then add a liquid highlighter to your cheek bones and any other high points. But AVOID the t-zone because then you will be verging on oily looking. 

As you can see in the picture she doesn't look oily but like she has a glow to her complexion. This picture is a great representation of the dewy look

What's Not: Oily skin

Oily skin makes you look like a hot mess! It separates your makeup and enlarges your pores. I struggle with oily skin and it's not pretty when I get home after a long day. It is mostly relevant in your t-zone so your forehead, nose area and chin. There's no way to rock the oil. But I would avoid putting powder on top of oil and then keep piling it on. You should blot with oil absorbing sheet and then apply powder if you like. 

As you can see from the picture she doesn't have a glow on her cheek bones or any pretty glow she has a big shine spot on her forehead, nose area and chin. It magnifies her pores in those areas but luckily you cant see so close that you can't see her makeup separated. This is a MILD case of oil. 

I don't know about you but I can see a huge difference between oil and dewiness. So what have you learned? Avoid the oil unless you want to look boiled and highlight the high to look devine. Sucky rhymes but you get the point. And don't blot over oil!  

Tip: if you are getting flash photography done blot ALOT! 

                              Are you a victim of oily skin? Do you like the dewy or matte look?
                                   Have you ever been struck with an oil slick during the day?
                                                                   xoxo, head2toevogue


  1. I have very oily skin and try to stop my skin looking like that second picture is a daily chore of mine. I always just powder to cover it but after reading this I'm going to use my blotting paper more. Great post.

    Hannah xxx

    1. Yes same as me! I am always a grease ball at the end of the day. And really use those blotting sheets they will avoid the cakey looks and your oil won't be sitting under your powder all day. Thanks A lot! xx