Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Beauty Tips <3 - Tip Tuesday!

Beauty Tips

Hello my beautiful people! How was the start of your week? Mine was alright nothing too amazing :/
Today... Err.. Tonight? I am going to share with you a quick tip or two for each part of your makeup routine and some general tips. Let's get into it..

1. Face- After Face Wash
Pat your face dry. It will avoid irritation and broken capillaries. If you have the time, air dry! The lint from a towel can cause breakouts. 

2. Moisturizer
Apply your moisturizer when your face is still slightly moist. Your skin soaks it in better when your face is damp. You can also do this with your body too! double whammy! 

3. Foundation
Use a damp brush or sponge to get rid of the cakey look. If your foundation is too thick it will also help thin it! I recommend the beauty blender, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

4. Concealer
Use your finger to blend it. The warmth from your body will melt it into your skin for flawless blend.

5. Powder
Don't swipe on your powder, dab it on your skin. If you swipe your brush you will take off the foundation you put on. Dabbing with keep your foundation in the same place. 

6. Eyeshadow
Dab on the powder. It will give you more pigmentation and help lower fallout amount. This is a no duh! but always use an eyeshadow primer! It stops creasing and makes it last longer. 

7. Eyeliner
For liquid always use small strokes you will get more precision than if you were to do one continuous line.

8. Mascara
Use a card of some sort or paper to put on your lid and under your eyes while you put mascara on. It will stop you getting the dreaded black dots and will give a cleaner look.

9. Blush
When finding a natural blush shade pinch your cheeks and the color that shows up is your natural blush shade. Find a blush close to that. 

10. Shaving
If you run out of shave cream, use conditioner instead. It moisturizes and protects your legs just as well as shave cream. 

11. Dry Lips
If you don't have a lip scrub and no time to make your own just use your toothbrush! When brushing your teeth just scrub your lips as well!

12. Nails
When painting your nails put oil or Vaseline them if you get polish around your nails you just wipe off the oil rand it's gone!

13. Hair 
If you have no dry shampoo you can use baby powder (light hair) or cocoa powder (dark hair). You probably have it at your house anyway!

That is the end of my beauty tips! There are loads more but I wanted to just stick with 1 or 2 per category. If you'd like another one just let me know. These are just some simple tips that can make your life easier or avoid some frustrations. Thanks for reading my loves! xx

What is your number on beauty tip? What's your favorite from this list?


  1. Fab tips! I'll definitely keep it in mind not to rub my face with the towel - I always do it when I'm in a rush on a morning!


    1. Yes, it's so much faster but not good for your skin. Take the extra seconds and your skin will thank you! thanks love xx