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 I've heard a ton about the brand MUA London so I decided to pick up some products that jumped out at me. One of the products that really intrigued me was their Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer. This is what the website describes them as:
         "Smooch your way to red carpet glamour with MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers. Long - lasting and kiss proof, these intense formulas come in five rich, vampy shades. Encased in chic frosted glass packaging, these lacquers glide on with the ease of a gloss, drying in seconds into a matte velvety texture. They are the ultimate make-up bag must have" 

Instead of me trying the product out for a week or two then doing an extensive review on it, I thought I would try something a little different. I decided to do a First Impression type post like ItsJudyTime, Casey Holmes and many others. I kind of cheated a little because I couldn't help but open it up and swatch it. oops..

*F.I Rating = My rating on first sight/use. Out of 4 stars. It may change after handling product a little more*

         I absolutely adore the packaging! At first sight I fell in love. Its sleek, classy and simple. The frosted glass adds a different touch then just a plain clear glass. It also represents the actual product with it being a matte packaging and the product being matte as well.

F.I Rating: ****

      There isn't really anything special about the brush. Its just a basic doe-foot applicator. I will say it does work well with this product. It didn't streak the product or make the application uneven. If it was more of a brush I feel like the product would be hell to put on.

F.I Rating: ***.5

         I absolutely love this formulation so far! When I first applied it I was kind of put off because it wasn't matte and it transferred. I thought I just  got scammed but the MUA Marketing team but I left it on anyway. Note: It only took one thin coat to get full color payoff. I left it for a few minutes without touching it and to my surprise it was fully matte and didn't transfer AT ALL! I I kissed my hand, I rubbed my lips, I drank water and it didn't budge. Even the swatch on my hand didn't come off, I even used makeup remover! So far its a yes for me!

F.I Rating = ****

Check up 2: After wearing it for about 1-2 hours I'd say I rubbed my lips again and it started to flake off a bit. I look at my finger and there was bits of the color. I looked in the mirror and in the center of my lips were patches where the product came off. It wasn't from water or food but just from touching my lips. I was still pleased though because it wasn't feathering, mostly all of the product was still on, it still didn't transfer and I could drink and eat w/o it all coming off. Still a yes!
F.I Rating = ***.5

Check up 3: For the next few hours I wanted to see if you are able to reapply this product over your previous coat. Since it started peeling and flaking off I though it would be appropriate here. It still applied evenly and covered the patches perfectly. It evened smoothed over the flaking and stopped it for a little bit.  Its a go for reapplying! Shortly after the reapply my lips started to feel more dry than before. I ate, checked and was shocked to see that almost half of my lip was bare. The product peeled off and not in a flattering way. My lips are very patchy now. Almost all the product has peeled off. Still doesn't transfer though!

F.I Rating = **

Last Check up: The product faded more and more. It stopped peeling though, it only started to fade and get worn off. It didn't fade evenly at all! There was still a light amount on my top lip. It left a stain on my bottom lip that made it look like I was just wearing lip liner. It stayed like this until I washed it off at night.

F.I Rating = .5/*

Overall, I would recommend this product if you have the patience and time to maintain it. You would get a couple hours of wear then you'd have to remove and reapply. Little bit more work than a tinted lip balm but if you want a matte, pigmented lip product then you have to deal with it. All the colors in the range are quite bright so beware. Buy Here

Tips: Prep your lips before- exfoliate and moisturize!(I didn't but I could tell it would help)
        Don't reapply over a previous coat- makes the peeling worse 
         Avoid liquid foods like juices, soups, smoothies- lowers the wear time of product

Thanks for reading my loves and remember to check out my previous post, here, if you are a blogger wanting to give advice!

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  1. Gorgeous shade and it looks beautifully velvet smooth on :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Yes it is! It really is velvety! Thanks Charolette!