Monday, March 03, 2014


Hey there everyone! I know this may come as a bit of a shock but I am changing my blog name to Lifes Little Things! 

I didn't want to restrict my blog to only anything about beauty or fashion and I felt Head 2 Toe Vogue did that. Vogue magazine is mostly about fashion and beauty. Lifes Little Things is going to be about anything in my life that I love. Big or small.

If I find a new lipstick I love, I'll share. A new recipe? It'll go on the blog. Anything in my life! It will put less pressure on trying to put up a new beauty post or fashion or even lifestyle. I can put up whatever I feel like at the moment.

The new name can grow with me and can conform to any topic I can think of. I hope you beauties can accept the change. I love my new name and am excited about it. The name may be changed within the next few hours, depending on when your reading this. 

-Sophie xx


  1. This was also the biggest change for my blog when 2014 started. I didn't have to change the name of my blog though because it is my name, but I certainly expanded on the content A LOT! I think it's great when people have blogs with specific topics, but I want to talk about so many other things that I also didn't want to limit myself to just beauty reviews. :) This will be a wonderful new direction for your blog I have no doubt about that! ;)

    1. It really helps you write when you don't have a blog name narrowing down your topics. Thanks so much for your kind words! xx