Saturday, March 22, 2014


Wanderlust: a strong, irresistible desire to wander, travel and explore the world. Traveling is one of the greatest things to experience is your lifetime. You open your eyes to other parts of the world and their issues and it gives a different look at life and the world. It's so fun to wander and travel around a foreign place and discover those unknown treasures. 

I decided to put together a list of all the places I want to travel to in my lifetime. I would love to travel the whole world but that is expensive, these are just my top places. 

1. New York: I've wanted to travel to NY for as long as I can remember. It looks so magical and beautiful!
2. Australia: Its one of those places I feel like everyone should go to in their life. It looks so pretty and beautiful. The only things is that I am terrified of the bugs there!
3. Paris: I would kill to go to Paris and experience its beauty. Its the city of love! I am definitely going her before I die!
4. Hawaii: The beaches just look so pretty! I would love to go her during the summertime and eat all the Hawaiian fruit!
5. Thailand: I've seen pictures of Thailand and it looks like the most amazing place ever! The beaches, the views, the weather, it all looks amazing. 
6. Bora Bora: This is the same reasons has Thailand. It just looks amazing!
7. Caribbean: Same with this place. Its beachy, tropical and beautiful!
8. Spain: I've wanted to go her ever since The Cheetah Girls. It looks so historic and pretty!
9. Brazil: I feel this will be a really fun place to be. With all the festivals and hot weather I would love to go here!
10. London: I just really want to go here. I wanted to go here ever since watching british youtubers! They make it look so amazing!

Those are all the places I want to travel before I die. I really hope I get to experience all these places.

Where do you want to travel? 

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