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Who else loves Pretty Little Liars? I do! and now that the second half of season 4 premiered on Tuesday I thought I'd do a little style steal of the outfits from the episode. I chose one for each of the girls that I liked the best. Some of these pieces are exacts and some are similar. I tried to find at least one exact item per outfit and I succeeded! I think each of the outfits I chose for the girls are an exact representation of their styles which is a bonus! Lets get into the outfits..

Spencers style is very preppy and "nerdy" I guess you could say. Its very put together and proper, she involves a lot of blazers, dresses, blouses, oxfords and structured things into her wardrobe. I saw this outfit from the episode which I think captures her fashion perfectly. The blazer is very structured and fitting and the dress is also very form fitting and has a classic shape to it. The dress is an exact piece from the show but the blazer is a similar item.

Aria always has very interesting, girly, well thought out outfits.I do admit that this isn't a very typical Aria outfit but I think it still captures an essence of her style with the girliness. The dress is absolutely adorable and has a pop of red/orange in it which gives off an Aria vibe. The jean jacket just adds that little extra something to the outfit so it's not completely boring. The dress is an exact match to the one in the show and the jean vest is a similar one as the exact match was sold out. The original is from Aeropostale though if anyone is interested

Hanna is the one to have the very chic, fashion forward, trendy outfits. Hanna stays very on trend unlike Spencer who wears things not necessarily trendy. Shes usually seen in little jackets that add a jazz to an outift, cute dresses, funky jeans/pants and high heels. This outfit captures this perfectly, its a very fashionable outfit and involves some trendy things right now like booties, leather and fashionable sweatpants. Sorry that everything is sold out but that just proves how trendy she is! Everything is an exact match to the items shes wearing which may explain the expensive blouse from Marc Jacobs. 

Pants | Shirt and Slightly Similar Option | Jacket-Not on Zara site(weird)

Finally we have Emily who is the more tomboy, sporty dresser. She is mostly seen in jeans, plain sneakers like converse or vans, a plain t-shirt with a jacket/sweater over top. She does wear dresses sometimes which explains my outfit choice. I couldn't find a whole outfit from the episode that I likes so I took 2 pieces from separate outfits to feature. The first is a dress which is a t-shirt style and gives off a sport jersey look. Perfect piece for Shay Mitchells character. This is an exact piece from show. I actually really love the dress. The last item is a black and white pleather jacket. The exact match is not sold anymore sadly so I found this somewhat similar jacket from express. Its just very casual.

That's the four outfits from the mid-season premiere episode. Sorry a lot of the things are sold out but I guess more people found out about where to buy the exacts and bought them out. I'm really annoying about the Zara jacket, I actually really like it. I was actually surprised about how long it took me to put this post together so I hope you liked it. Until next time my loves!

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