Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Fresh New Start- All About Change

      Hello there my beautiful people! Have you ever been sick and tired of something in your life and just wanted change but can't seem to bring yourself to do it? Whether it's about your hair, your house, your clothes, your friends, your job and so on... Change can be a hard thing to accept or bring yourself to do. You may have to change things for a negative reason or just because your tired of it.

You and your friends may grow apart because you both changed, your not passionate about your job anymore, you don't feel like your hair or clothes are expressing who you truly are or you bought a house a while ago and it is just feeling old to you. Change is a natural thing that will always be happening during your life. You may always feel like changing something because your not 10o% happy with the things in your life. 

Some people are scared of change, they like everything to stay the same and some people change every week. If your scared of change you probably have had the same hair for a while or wear the same clothes you've had since you were younger or you've been at a job you don't love for a long time. If your not scared you probably change your hair every month, you are constantly in a new job because you don't like any or you buy a new wardrobe every year. 

Even if you may be scared of changed you just have to know that change is for the best! Things change because it will make you happier or stronger. Learning to accept change will open you up to a whole new world. You will start to be more adventurous and open-minded. To accept change all you have to do is try and break through your 'routine'. Whenever you get your hair cut ask for an inch shorter, shorter layers or highlights/lowlights. Every time you buy new clothes get 1 or 2 things that are out of your comfort zone. If you're tired of your job just ask for something new like a new desk or higher pay or working at a different thing like cash or helping customers or cleaning or cooking. If your bored of your house buy some new decor or paint the walls. These little things will help you break though your fear of change and slowly build it up until you feel comfortable with a huge change like moving or quitting or buying whole new wardrobe. 

Some change is uncontrollable like your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you, your friends grow apart , you lose a loved one, you get fired or you may even lose your house. You may be scared that those things will happen but you just have to let life be. If it happens you know it was for the best and you weren't destined to be in that situation. If you just let go and let life do its thing you will stop worrying so much and you will just live! 

Your journey to accept change may be difficult but it will really help you. If you want to change something change it! Nobodies stopping you, your stopping yourself. Some people know they want change but are too afraid to do it. Don't be that person!

So that is my little rant about change! It was on my mind so I just decided to share it. Hope you enjoyed my little dolls. 

                   Are you scared of change? Have been through any major changes?

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