Monday, December 09, 2013


Christmas Wishlist

Hello there my beautiful friends! It's officially December and it's the first day of Blogmas! I'm super excited to start this series and see if I can keep up! Just a fore warning but a lot of the posts will be pre written, I won't schedule them because it can be sketchy so I will upload myself. Today I am going to share my Christmas wishlist, just some things I would like to see under the tree! 

    This is a brand spanking new palette. I love the rosy colors in it so I would really love this. 

   I know this was already in one of my wish lists but I couldn't bring myself to buy it, too expensive. So I put it on my Christmas list. This isn't a very "big" gift but I would still like to get it. 

   I don't necessarily need the naked and this palette but I put both on here so it gives more options. I wouldn't complain if I didn't get both.

   This is definitely a big gift. This is something my mom or close family would get me because it is quite expensive. I've been wanting sigma brushes for so long now and I'm hoping this is the year to get them

5. Vera Wang Princess Perfume|$60-$90
   I want a new perfume and this is one I've smelt and liked so I thought I would ask for it. I need to smell it again to make sure but for now I want this!

   I love mascara so this is definitely a want. You get so many options, it's just fabulous! I may find a new mascara I love!

    Another perfume! This is quite new if I'm correct. I've never had a juicy couture perfume so I really want one and this sounds good. I, again, need to  smell it but I'm sure I'll like it! 

                                                                                        $330 or $195- necklace
     This is a very extravagant gift but I've been wanting them for a while and I think it would be nice to receive. I don't have high hopes to get these but still it's a dream! I don't care if I get the necklace or bracelet.  

 That's all for my Christmas wishlist this year! I know it's not a ton but I couldn't really think of anything this year! And my wishes are quite expensive. I am very excited to see what I have under the tree, don't lie so are you! Hope you are excited about Blogmas, I know I am! Also let me know what you think of this wishlist style instead of my goals thing and only 2 products. I'm liking it better this way so I may keep it for 2014! Until next time, stay beautiful! 

                      What is on your Christmas wishlist? Are you excited for Christmas?
                                                         head2toevogue, xoxo


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