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Hello there my beautiful friends,

   Along with the start of December comes the hustle and bustle of people trying to get their Christmas shopping done. As a lot people with big families know, you can spend a lot of money on presents. You may run out of money half way through and not be able to get everyone a gift or get them a not so good gift. You don't want to be stuck giving your mom a $2 Starbucks giftcard! But there are many ways to get around that dreadful mishap which I am going to share with you today! This will not only help people with larger families but for people that just don't make enough to buy presents for all their loved ones!

First off, I would buy presents in the order of importance to you(not saying your cousins aren't important but I think your mom or dad would be the top priority). The top of my list would be my mom and then my siblings and then my grandmother and then my dad etc... This way you avoid giving the most important people a not so good gift. 

If you are really tight with money try handmaking most of your gifts. This is a more personal option and it costs a lot less than buying your mom the new Naked Palette for $52, your dad an iPad or your sister a pair of American Apparel shorts for $60 to $70. I know you may think no one will appreciate it but trust me, it means more to them than they show. 

Look for sales! If no one asked for something specific then look for things on clearance or discount. It could save loads of money. I would really take advantage of Black Friday if you are in North America as you could save 100s of dollars on originally expensive things. Also Bath and Body Works always has amazing sales around Christmas! You could get a number of gifts for people without costing you a ton. 

ReGift! This may be unthoughtful to some people but if you can't afford brand new things it's the best you got. If you've received something in the past that you just haven't used and will not use it then give it to someone else. *make sure the person didn't give it to you because that would be awkward* I see no harm is regifting, one, you save money, two, it doesn't waste a perfectly good item!

If your daughter or someone really wants the Naked 3 Palette and you don't have the heart to say no or not give it to them, I would talk to him/her and ask if it's okay if it's a gift from both you and her dad or sister or brother or aunt etc... She/he may realize they don't want it that bad after all and will settle for 2 not as extravagant gift. 

Give out coupons! No I'm talking about the coupons you rip out of your local newspaper! I mean make your own! Like one free massage, one free ride anywhere, one free at-home manicure, one free homeade meal etc.. You can customize to fit the person and the best part it's free!(besides the cost of the paper) 

The last budget friendly tip is to buy presents throughout the year! This may be difficult for some families but by doing this you cut down your costs at Christmas in half. By the time December rolls around you've already got most of the presents for people. Also this way you can ask someone if they want a certain thing without them being suspicious. 

That's all the money saving tips I have for today! All these tips can work for Birthdays or any gift-giving holiday! I hope you enjoyed learning some new ways to save during the holiday season and will put them to good use. May your days be merry and bright!

          What's your number one money saving tip for the holidays? Share it with us!
-head2toevogue, xoxo

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